Welcome, Western students! 

Need editing help with your thesis or dissertation?

Have you been staring at it so long the words are starting to blur?

Let me help you make sure your work shines before you hand it in.

I’m an experienced editor who’s fluent in APA Style and AP Style, and comfortable working with other style guides, including Western’s requirements for theses. I have a degree from Princeton University in psychology and neuroscience, and I’ve edited dissertations, research papers, and funding proposals in fields like developmental psychology, biological oceanography, and geoscience.

Big words and technical concepts don’t scare me. While I may not be able to check your science, I can make sure you nail your English and formatting. 

You can learn more about me here, or click here to get in touch. Western students get a 10% discount. 

Here’s some of what I do:


They say the devil’s in the details -- but luckily for you, I’m incredibly focused on them.

I’ll look for spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues, to start. I’ll also consider word choice, weed out “crutch” words, and help you rephrase awkward sentences. I’ll check for consistency -- if your study participant is named “Jasmine” in the introduction, she doesn’t become “J” in the discussion.

I’ll make sure your work is easy to read and understand; if something’s unclear, I’ll highlight it and suggest a way to fix it.

I’ll also make sure your formatting matches your chosen style guide, and that it’s consistent throughout. In a copy edit, I might also help you format page numbers, a table of contents, a reference list, or other elements.


You didn’t think it could get more detailed than copyediting… but it can, and it does.

Once your document has been edited and typeset (usually, turned into a PDF), I’ll go over it with my finest-tooth comb, making sure spacing and placement are correct. I’ll look for any weird line breaks, heading issues, or strange formatting.

After I highlight any final errors, you’ll be confident your work is ready to share with the world.

Not sure what you need? Get in touch and we’ll see if I’m a fit for your project.