You wrote a thing.

Maybe it’s an ebook, or a grant, or a fellowship application. Or maybe it’s your doctoral dissertation or a research paper you plan to submit to a journal. You need it to look its best, with every comma perfectly placed and each citation formatted exactly the way your style guide requires.

I get it.

My friend Caitlin describes editors as “facilitators of awesomeness.” I love this term, because it sums up my goals. You’re the writer. You did the research and found the words to explain it.

It’s my job to help you finesse the details and add the final bit of polish that’ll make your writing shine.

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I’ve edited professionally for six years, though unofficially, it’s been much longer. (For example, I’ve been editing my own last name for as long as I can remember.)

I edited and helped launch The Write Life, and then served as senior editor at The Penny Hoarder. I've also supported writers, scientists, and thought leaders as they shared their stories, advice, and research with the world.

I edit all kinds of projects, from blog posts and ebooks to academic research papers and dissertations, but I have a soft spot for scientific work and anything related to the outdoors. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and neuroscience, a sister who’s an oceanographer, and a partner who’s a geologist, so I’ve had plenty of practice with this type of material.

Big words and technical concepts don’t scare me. While I may not be able to check your science, I can make sure you nail your English and formatting. I don’t need to know what “phonospirometry” and “orthogneiss” mean to make sure you’ve spelled them consistently.*

I mainly work in AP Style and APA Style, I’m getting better acquainted with the Chicago Manual of Style and CSE Style, and I’m comfortable working with in-house or university style guides.

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Want to know more?

1. If my nose isn’t in a book, I’m probably in the woods.

2. I love the colour orange. This might be because I’m a Tiger.

3. I’m Canadian, in case the “u” in “colour” didn’t tip you off. But I lived in the U.S. for nearly eight years, so I’m fluent in American, too.

4. And French.

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*But I've learned: A technique that uses breath sounds to measure airflow into and out of the lungs, and a type of gneiss formed through metamorphism of igneous rocks.